As a Cloud Architect you design and re-invent cloud architectures, cloud roadmaps, cloud strategies and guide the transformation of workloads to the cloud. You will not only help the platform team and create cloud strategies like a non-technological manager would do, but you also use your strong technical knowledge to challenge our DevOps and Platform engineers. Naturally you also know how to build and sustain customer intimate relationships with our clients, and posses the skills to lead workshops at our clients defining their future cloud landingzones and cloud roadmap.

Responsibilities will include:

  • Create a well-informed cloud strategy and manage the adaption process. A roadmap refers to a plan that’s designed to achieve both short-term and long-term goals. You will take the cloud’s capacity, efficiency and ecosystem security into consideration.
  • Regularly evaluate cloud applications, hardware, and software;
  • Design, help develop and organize cloud systems.
  • Work closely with the security officer to monitor the company’s cloud privacy.
  • Identify the top cloud architecture solutions to successfully meet the strategic needs of the company – and of her customers.


  • Bachelor’s degree (or higher) in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Information Technology or other relevant field.
  • 3-5+ year of experience in designing, executing and supporting IT cloud solutions.
  • Extensive Knowledge of AWS Cloud and/or Microsoft Azure Cloud, preferably both.
  • Excellent knowledge of cloud computing technologies and current computing trends.
  • A positive attitude and a strong commitment to delivering quality work.
  • Effective communication skills (written and verbal) to properly articulate complicated cloud reports to management and other IT development partners.
  • Good communication: in speaking and writing. Fluent in English and preferably in Dutch.
  • Experience in being nice to people around you.

Our Culture

We are a bunch of hard-working cloud loving generating ideas and creating solutions in a creative, collaborative work environment. Professional, skilled as can be but far from bureaucratic and formal. We believe success is achieved through strong self-leadership and an autonomous working environment where people are surrounded by like-minded peers. And fun is allowed. During the weekdays the whole team works on projects for our clients in the office, remote, at home or at the client, but on Friday everybody is in our warm urban office. And during lunchtime and after work at the weekly ‘friday borrel’ we play games together in our amazing and one of a kind game room.

Be Extra-Ordinary

Adding value. That is what we are about. For our clients, for the growth as a human-being and for the growthy of our company. That is why we have cultivated an environment based on creativity. When people who really care about their own craft are given the freedom to explore new possibilities, amazing things can happen.

What we offer

Naturally we offer you a market+ package with a good salary, a pension plan, hardware tools you want and an excellent set employee conditions, including free fitness and an education plan. But next to all of that we offer you a ‘cult’ where you can excel as a professional while feeling the joy of a digital family around you.

Join us

We are building a team of likely minded cloud ‘obsessed’ experts who can think out of the box and deliver what others might consider impossible. We are all about collaboration, innovation, and enjoying what we do daily. 

Interested? Send your resume and motivation to careers@digitalsurvivalcompany.com