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Business applications mean the world to our clients. Without them the core business of our clients will not survive. In 99,99% of the time organizations nowadays are driven by data fueled by tooling, software and business applications. Enterprise clients often have a mix of self-created applications, off-the-shelve applications and best of breed applications from suppliers that are customized for a specific business or industry. Taking responsibility in that complex environment, taking ownership and take down the traditional boundaries between infrastructure, application and business. As a full stack digital transformation partner we build applications, we run applications and we evolve applications. We can take over maintenance of current applications and our team of experts can innovate, expand or refactor the core codebase. And we can deliver cloud-native software applications and integrations.

Business Analysis and Strategy

Digital Survival Company exists to help evolving the business of our clients. Off course, our clients know their own core business better than we do. But we help our clients define and describe the functional wishes of improvement. Our Business Analysis services are about translating the clients business goals translated into functionality. Every organizations fights to conquer its place in an evolving market and tries to hold on to it by providing unique services. To achieve that a balance of standard and distinctive IT services and products is needed. There are similar challenges across all industries and very specific complexities per business. When analyzing your business context we always keep an eye on the characteristics of your environment. We can rely on a broad experience in comparable businesses to guide clients through this process. We can express and present functional needs and wishes in clear ways. For management to make decisions and for development teams to create top quality applications.

Application Development

We love to build excellent software that creates value and help organizations survive in a fast changing world. All core business processes depend strongly on software capabilities. Due to fast evolving markets, business processes need to adapt and change quickly, but also strategic routes should reshape fast. Good software solutions answer to your needs now but is also able to answer to the ever changing environments of businesses. Our teams of software developers understand this. The applications we develop are easy to access, responsive, high performing and of course secure by design. We work in agile scrum teams to realize both efficiency (deliver quick results) and flexibility (adapt to change).

Application Integration

Most likely, your landscape of applications is a great web of interconnected tools that need to provide or receive data to or from each other, and therefore need to be integrated one way or another. We love to help you create the perfect application landscape in which information can be easily transferred and performance remains high no matter how much and how often data is being transferred, with the continuation of all your business processes. By doing so you can achieve business continuity, data integrity and optimal user collaboration.

Application Management

Besides building new applications and functionality we specialize in application maintenance. Our philosophy ‘you built it, you run it’ is ingrained in everything we do. Which means that we have Development and Operations in one team and we believe in 24/7 DevOps. We make sure that incidents are dealt with quickly and adequately and that life cycle management is taken care of while still creating a good flow for development.

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