// Privacy Notice Project Survey

Digital Survival Company aims to acquire as much feedback about their services and projects as possible. This is done using surveys that are distributed after finishing a project. This data is used for reflection on both finished projects and ongoing services to ensure any lessons learned do not remain unnoticed. The data is shared on a need-to-know basis inside Digital Survival Company and shall not be externally distributed. A need-to-know basis, in this context, entails the engineers and executives involved in the project that the survey is taken on. The following personal data of a respondent is recorded.

  • Full name
  • Company
  • Function

This data plays a crucial role in Digital Survival Company’s improvement and is retained for a maximum of a year after the survey has been submitted. This will be done in a secure manner, meaning said data is sufficiently and consistently encrypted in both rest and transit. After the retention period passes, the personal data of the respondent is no longer relevant and is securely discarded.
In case a respondent has any requests regarding their right to transparency, data transferal or be forgotten, they are allowed to send an email to security@digitalsurvivalcompany.com. Digital Survival Company promises to reply to such inquiries within five workdays.

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